The Discipline Institute is the country's leading provider of character education staff development resources, including Dr. Donovan Davis’s Character Education Series, Blueprint for a successful classroom curricula, and workshops.
The company publishes the best-selling “Bridging the gap between us and our children”, written for parents and communities.

The mission of the Program is to help ensure educators, human service providers, and family members have the knowledge, skills, and resources to meet the increasingly complex needs of children and families at all developmental stages of life.

If you have a question or comment about one of our books, workshops, or keynote presentations, please feel free to get in touch with us. We enjoy getting comments and feedback about our efforts in character education.

Our Method

We use the understanding of human behavior to help individuals, groups and organizations operate at their very best. People are at their best when they are living their mission and are constantly growing. However, along with natural abilities, people also have various emotional styles that impact their lives, and their workplace. Whether it’s your sales department, teachers, company administrators, or employees.

"We help people and organizations succeed."