We specialize in helping leaders name and confront institutionalized mediocrity and long-ignored obstacles to school improvement. We can help you surface and speak about hard truths, sustain efforts to improve when the going gets rough, or move groups beyond complacency and toward accountability.
Look inside to learn more about us, our programs, and resources you can use. Changing habits of teaching requires that the teacher focus on new ways of doing things as they begin each class period.

The principal is the key decision maker for training and follow-through at the school site. Tactical decisions that are made before training often determine ultimate success or failure. Here are some key tactical decisions:

Training is best done by a team of mentor quality teachers at each school site. Not only will they draw colleagues into training by word-of-mouth as they use the program in their classrooms, but they will also be close at hand to problem solve with trainees. If a trainee has difficulty with a new procedure, they either get help quickly from a friend or they are likely to dump it. Consequently, school site training teams serve one of their most important functions during follow-through.